Ultrapar is one of the largest business groups in Brazil, with leading position in its markets achieved along its more than 70 years of history. The company operates in the fuel and LPG distribution business through Ipiranga and Ultragaz, in the chemical industry through Oxiteno and in the logistics for liquid bulk segment through Ultracargo.

With about 9 thousand employees, Ultrapar is present in the entire Brazilian territory and through Oxiteno, operating in Latin America, North America and Europe.

Ultrapar has a track record of commitment to the capital markets, pioneering approach in the implementation of good corporate governance practices and sound financial position. In 1999, Ultrapar was the first Brazilian company to be listed simultaneously at the São Paulo Stock, Commodities and Futures Market (BM&FBOVESPA) and at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), with ADRs level III, and its shares are included in the main market indexes. Ultrapar was also the first Brazilian company to grant 100% tag along rights to all shareholders, and to turn its executives into shareholders with a relevant stake in the company. Ultrapar's credit rating is equivalent to investment grade as assigned by Moody's and Standard & Poor's. In June 2011, Ultrapar approved a new corporate governance structure, with the conversion of each preferred share into a common share and its adhesion to the Novo Mercado (New Market) of the BM&FBOVESPA. This decision aimed at adjusting Ultrapar's corporate governance to the current stage and configuration of the company, providing more capability of investment, of growth, of attraction and retention of talented professionals, of creation of value and of perenniality.


Get to know the companies:

ULTRAGAZ is the leader in LPG distribution in Brazil and one of the largest independent LPG distributors in the world in terms of volume sold. Ultragaz delivers LPG to an estimated 10.5 million homes in the bottled segment and over 40 thousand customers in the bulk segment.

IPIRANGA is the second largest fuel distributor in Brazil, with a network of approximately 6 thousand service stations.

ULTRACARGO is the largest provider of storage for liquid bulk in Brazil, with seven terminals and storage capacity of approximately 664 thousand cubic meters.

OXITENO is the largest producer of Surfactants in Latin America, a major producer of Solvents and Specialty Chemicals and the sole producer of natural fatty alcohols in Latin America. Oxiteno has ten industrial units and seven offices in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Argentina, Belgium, and Colombia.

EXTRAFARMA is one of Brazil’s top ten drugstore chains, with operations in the country’s north and northeast regions, and one of the leaders in its operating region.

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