Personal Care

We are committed to working in the cosmetic and personal care industry to promote the well-being and beauty of people, and to fulfill the needs of society and consumers by providing products that are efficient while respecting human health and the environment.

We monitor market trends and to provide innovative solutions. We support our customers with a highly qualified technical staff to develop products and technologies for a Personal Care market that is constantly evolving.

Our portfolio contains products based on renewable resources and reduced irritation. Included are anionic surfactants, mild co-surfactants, specialty ingredients, consistency agents, emulsifiers and emollients, pearlizing agents, humectants and solubilizers. These are ideal for use in shampoos, hair conditioners, hair dyes, creams, lotions, deodorants, body washes, soaps, and more.

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Alkont® EL 3645   Alkopon® NS ECO 92   Co-surfactants   Greenformance   Oxismooth™  

Personal Care   Greenformance Product Line   Mildness Platform   Alkopon 70® ECO e Alkopon 28® ECO   Sustainable Solvents for Nail Polishes  

Oxitaine CP: Mild Foaming and Cleaning  

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