Our Laboratories

Oxiteno's Research Centers are located in Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela and rely on highly qualified personel and laboratories which are exclusively dedicated to research and development activities.

Application Laboratories
The application laboratories perform activities which simulate the conditions of the application and performance of the developed products. The objective is to meet these product's performance expectations and to offer high quality innovations to our clients.

The Laboratories serve the markets of Personal Care, Home Care and I&I, Agrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Paints and Coatings, Adhesives, Food, and Polyurethane Resins

Synthesis and Development
The product synthesis and development laboratories rely on the support of modern pilot plants and on technologies like alkoxylation, esters, and various organic syntheses. We are also equipped with a vast structure of reactors and facilities which enable the pilot scale development of several chemical processes that are of interest to our company and our clients.

Analytical Laboratories
The analytical laboratories carry out detailed studies on the chemical composition of the products under development and their analysis methodologies. The goals are to determine the structures of the desired products, to meet the specifications and requirements demanded by the market and guarantee the quality in the development activity.

Physics/Chemistry Laboratories
The physics/chemistry characterization laboratory performs studies to generate phenomenological knowledge of the applications and of the synthesis processes which encompass our activity of technological innovation.

Open Innovation
In order to multiply our expertise and broaden our research and development alternatives, we have an exchange program with scientists and researchers from important Universities and Research Centers throughout the world, with whom we develop fundamental and applied research projects in innovation networks.

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